Why we do it

Hello my name is Susan, and i love to cook for my dear family , by cooking

every day and thinking about what it is i feed them , i found out that is lot

of food and ingredients are shit.!! yes you heard me ,, shit so to help other

people learn about the shit they eat ,, i made this blog..

and in this blog i will teach you about good ingredients , like

coco cola diet , aspertane , marshmallows , frech fries and

Mc Donals burgers ,, we all need these every day in a

healthy diet.

The best thing you can do for yourself to keep you healthy is ride your bicycle all the way to

Holland, and load up on big juicy frikandel. It is guaranteed to keep the twinkle in your eye

and a song in your spirit. Just stay away from those n e g e r Kuss they are going to undo

any progress you’ve made with getting healthier!